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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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letters. i am stretching here. but that is in show busy. thanks for watching us. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you.
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i think it's sending a message to mitt romney, on with the poll the antiromney vote and negative attacks knocking out his opponents. now, what he has to do is real
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conservatives. only way to do that is to address realtime issues that consist in the united states and talk about his position on this and talk about coming up for ratification in may. and talk about abolishing the department of education and using money for a merit pay for teachers fund. talk, criticize the administration over israel. if i were president right now is almost not enough to be bio graphical. but if i were president say issue 2 statements two, three days apart over the month on what i would do if i ran the zoo. might want to call it that. >> sean: i almost think he has to put things down.
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i will be this z i've been watching him after he wins and gives a speech. he's energized and happy. healthy, he's been going after obama directly. >> yes. >> i wonder if he'll take those promises and this is confident. >> i hope he's watching. this is a good move to make. and what he needs to do is to inject himself into the controversy and issues going on now. he should say right now, the obama administration is pressuring doctors to reveal medical record to set up a national computer base. if i were president i would stop them. so... he needs to show what it
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would be like. >> sean: biggest issue people are emotional about for all of the right reasons because it violates religious liberties and freedoms. we go out to people of all faiths is accommodation on the contraceptive mandate. seems he can challenge the president, maybe even front a lawsuit to stop it because it's a clear violation of it. >> that would be a good thought. i think conservatives are missing the point about this, obama did not make a mistake in this mandate. it's a move on his part. democrats realize that abortion is no longer a winner for them. used to be 10 points more pro-choice pro life. possibly because of the publicity of the antiabortion people, possibly because of the aging of the population. but the point is that what they're trying to do is replace witness contraception.
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so first piece of evidence is after santorum won iowa, first is do you think states should have the right to ban contraception? then, do you remember that abc debate where george ste stev -- stephanopoulos went after romney trying to pin him down on contraception, and do they have power to do it? do you remember? five minutes? people were laughing and booing them, and then, i think, now, he comes up with this thing of contraception. it's no coincidence that after minnesota and colorado which were santorum's victories. they want to create the impression republicans will ban contraception. which is insane. but they're bringing it out there. this move on obama's part is injecting that issue. >> and does this miscalculate? this backfires and people of
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all faiths have gotten together? and they say do you know what? we believe in the first amendment religious liberty and freedom. >> sure. >> sean: a agree and i think he weighed both choices and it came down to contraception he chose -- . >> he played it wrong but it's part of a broader strategy that is raising social issues against republican nominee. >> sean: this is what you political consultants do behind closed doors? think about how to... >> we're going to artificially manufacture this issue? >> that is what they're thinking. and i think the problem is that you can't run on economic issues obviously. what he's going to try to do is run against republicans on social issues. if romney is a candidate he didn't do that. if santorum is, he can. i think that is what he has in
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mind. >> and the business you have to have a dark, dark place to go to. i don't mean that in an evil way. but... >> they say it takes one to know them. >> thanks a lot. >> and coming up, senator mccain has reaction to the assassination attempt of two israeli diplomats. israel says iran is behind bombings. now, the question is will they retaliate? what is the latest in the situation with americans held hostage? despite so call add come daigss the fight for religious freedom raises on as leader as nouns they're moving forward with lawsuits that, and more as "hahnitey" minute " hannity" continues. whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee!
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>> sean: we've seen elections in egypt, islamic radicals in power, should we give one american taxpayer dollar to this cause? >> first of all, extremists or not in power, power is being yielded by military that took over, who are they in, the last are the ones keeping americans in a situation where they have to go to the u.s. and the it is the remains of the mubarak regime. our relations, very quickly are very important with egypt. how egypt goes, the rest of the middle east will go. and it's in our interest to
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have good relations with egypt. remember, we broke off relations with pakistan in the 90s that didn't turn out well. all i am saying is that relations are important. we need to help them move forward. and i'm unhappy, as americans are about the treatment of our mgoes. and national endourmt for democracy and freedom house, for us not to be involved in that part of the world i think would be a mistake. >> the "new york times" reported over the weekend that in fact you know, the muslim brotherhood is seeking to oust military leaders they're now elected by the people they have said prepare for war with israel and talked about implementing sharia law as the law of the land. don't we realize and recognize the danger of giving money that can be used against our
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closest ally there? >> there is significant risk. i point out in tunisia they had an election, they're very friendly to the united states of america. that is the case where our assistance and their moving forward with free and favor elections they zront a dikt yaitor ruling them again. in the case of egypt the muslim brotherhood is split, they are in groups of them that want to have good relations with them. they may be an islamic country. israel is a jewish state. let's wait and see and hope we can guide them on the path to a country that is not ruled by a brutal dictator but has a democracy. i'm not saying is it's going to turn out right, but waits the situation mubarak positioned a matter of time before he was leaving. >> sean: granted it was a matter of time.
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but he did keep peace with israelies for 30 years. and they were preparing for war with israel. now, other extremists have been elected to power. >> he stirred up antiisrael sentiment when in egypt and ordered to enhance his position in power. >> sean: you don't think the muslim brotherhood is going to be worse than that? >> i am not clear on how the muslim brotherhood is going to be. i know they will be an elected government. the question is are they going to go the way iran went or the way that other countries that have thrown off the dictators have gone? >> sean: showing egyptian people in overwhelming numbers, 75% wanted sharia law. as the law of the land. how can sharia law be
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compatible with american values in as much as we're going to give them $800 million when we can least afford it? >> i'm not clear what kind of sharia law they're going to impose, there are many democratic inclined people part of that government. we'll have to see. there are extremists that is hopefully they will not achieve power. mubarak beat up on israel and meanwhile, he kept the peace and he could not stay in power. the question is, is which way is egypt going to go now and do we gain anything by cutting off the system to egypt which is not, by the way aggregated a treaty with israel. >> sean: iran today, real quick. >> iran has proven what we've seen today, you mentioned in the pop opening what we've
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seen is the danger if iran requires nuclear weapons. they tried to asass snait someone in our nation's capital this, is the propelling challenge we face in weeks and months ahead, my friend. >> sean: it's percolating. we see nuclear scientists in iran just disappear then, these attacks today i would argue was in retaliation. iran has been funding proxy wars against our own military and against israel sometime. it seems inevitable. i don't see the president stepping up to say we've got to join to take out these nuclear sites. >> you're right. it what about this scenario that just happened today? iran having a nuclear weapon? the fact is that you're right. we're going to have to draw a line for the iranians they understand and it's credible. i'm curious whether this president, because of leading from behind is credible.
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>> sean: senator, thank you for being with us. >> i'm going to egypt and i'll be back. i'll be with you then. >> sean: senator, as far as i'm concerned we have hostages being held there. i hope you bring them home with you. >> thank you, my friend. >> sean: god speed. the president's contraceptive compromise is not sitting well with religious leaders. details on new lawsuits challenging this mandate plus outrage over the performance at last night's grammys, should organizers and singers responsible apologize for the outrageous display? that and more straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] the 2012 m-class continually monitors blind spots, scans the road to reveal potential threats, even helps awaken its driver if he begins to doze. so in the blink of an eye it will have performed more active safety measures than most cars will in a lifetime.
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>> sean: the obama administration's attempt to silence the controversy over the crest mandate is being met by fierce opposition from religious leaders. on friday, part of accommodation they removed the burden of providing drugs like the morning-after pill but instead they say insurance companies must supply such items to the employees of these faith based organizations. but all of this has many catholics in the america, what is the difference? now groups like priests for life they will challenge this mandate. according to father frank pavo,
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the accommodation announced by president obama changes nothing. coercion remains and therefore our legal challenge remains. joining me is analyze is jay secalo and tamara holder. the accommodation. it's still insists that religious institutions, in other words, the employers, would be required by law mandated by law to produce a product that violates their tourist teachings and convictions. insurance companies are going to give for free. >> of course. they will increase the premium. this isn't accommodation. this is nothing about contraception. what this really is, this the worst part of what our founders feared. this is the government telling a
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religious institutions, any religious ins tuigsdz you haveve t o violate your conscience as a price of existing in the united states. this compromise is nothing more than a shell game. idea insurance companies are going to provide it for free and catholic institutions, hospitals won't have to pay for it is nonsense. they will pay for it through the premium increase. the president has stepped on the first amendment free exercise clause. i think the president intentionally did this. i think he made a calculated decision and backfired. >> sean: i think this was a political calculation from the beginning, not only does it violate with a force religious institutions to violate their own principles and conscience but the free exercise clause. you can't have the government mandating you do something that is strictly hubtd by your religion. it seems like a simple question,
9:26 pm
you are shaking your head -- if you believe in religious liberty you can't support the government mandate regardless of your position on birth control or the morning-after pill? >> no, what you are doing sean, you are mixing religion and women's rights in the workplace. >> sean: no, i'm not. >> are you going to preach to me or can i finance. >> sean: hallelujah, go ahead. >> this is an attack on women. women who work and devoted employees they want protection, they want healthcare protection and want birth control. it may not necessarily be to get pregnant. they could have cysts or problems with their skin, all the health benefits that contraception provides to women. why should the church be in someone bedroom telling them what they can and cannot take.
9:27 pm
these are women that are working for, this is women who are entitled to equal healthcare under the law. healthcare by their employer. >> free exercise clause of the constitution protects religious institutions, that would be like saying, government that pork would be appropriate meat and a requirement. >> that is conservative analysis people will laugh at you. >> i have argued several cases in the supreme court. >> i know you have. >> hold it. sean, this is what the left is doing. they are ignoring the free exercise clause. this is religious liberty case. it has nothing to do with abortion or contraceptives. >> how many women, how many americans agree with healthcare with contraceptives being
9:28 pm
provided to women? 50% of catholic americans.... >> sean: wait a second. this is question about, i think the president consciously made this decision. he was given a choice and the choice was religious liberty, first amendment versus contraceptives and appealing to the left. he chose to stomp on religious liberty here. this is what tamara is not getting because in the process of providing what she is saying she wants, jay, you would have to stomp on religious freedom. >> of course. and no one is saying, by the way women don't have access to contraceptives. they have access to those. it's requiring a church whose teachings saying we are opposed to this practice. >> it is not the church.
9:29 pm
>> excuse me. >> it's employers. it's not the church, not going to saying abortion. >> you think a catholic hospital that st. thomas hospital, wait a minute, you think they are checking baptismal certificates? of course not. >> this is about women, employees, this is about -- >> you are arguing with me. >> this is women what they have under their he'll plan. this is about women's healthcare >> no, it wasn't. >>. [ talking over each other ] [ talking over each other ] >> sean: one at a time, jay can, back to you. >> mitt romney has been clear. mitt romney has been clear, he
9:30 pm
opposes the president's position as all the republican candidates and democrats has, as well. why? because it's not a question does the gofltd have the authority do this. the answer to that is no. it's called the free exercise clause. when you start having a government telling a religious inns institution or a church. catholic church controls these catholic hospitals, baptist hospitals as well, the idea that the government is going to mandate a religious organization violate the conscience, that is why the framers drafted the free exercise clause. >> sean: thank you both for being west. we'll continue the next debate in the next segment. rapper nicky shocked the show at grammies. more on this contraceptive mandate issue as we continue tonight on hannity. [ kyle ] my b. [ roger ] tell me you have go insurance. yup, i've got...
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>> sean: another awards show and controversial performance at grammies, it was nick any monage by mocking the catholic faith. a man dressed like the pope, she staged a mock exorcism while performing her song titled "roman holiday." ♪ ♪ >> sean: joining me is fox news contributor and columnist, janeanne borelli. and new york civil rights coalition, michael myers. good to see you. as i was watching. i thought, let's take another page out of the madonna handbook
9:36 pm
and lets it always seem to work. >> this is another example of an assault of catholic church. look at the head of this list, president obama, with the mandate, you shall or else, then you have this chick, nicky, whatever her name is. she is playing to the hollywood crowd. and their anti-catholic beliefs. you know what, we as americans, we have a choice. you don't have to vote for obama for mandate. you don't have to buy her products. she endorses other things. we have that freedom to choose not to buy her music or makeup. >> sean: they started off with a prayer to whitney houston. it's somewhat ironic. >> look, it's easy for people that are performers to be outrageous. this performer her trade is
9:37 pm
being outrageous. they imitating madonna. guess what? hollywood and the grammies and all these folks in the music industry they are equal opportunity offenders. they will mock religion. they will lampoon it. but as they suggest, first amendment protects religion but to criticize what they do. >> i don't support boycotts but it seems to be a double standard. gets the islamic faith. >> hollywood. they train on stereotypes. passion of christ was regarded as anti-semitic. they talk about arabs, jews, blacks.
9:38 pm
>> it's a huge double standard. you won't see music videos with people running around in burqas. >> sean: if we look at conservative women are attacked. i don't see liberal women are attacked. catholics and christians are attacked. we discussed this, african-american conservatives. you any name in the book you can be called. >> we're talking politics and we're talking about art. broad wear play. that is mormon. some people are fired up. some people find it is offensive. >> its huge double standard. with this issue, it's all for publicity. you make the most outrageous statements and do the most outrageous acts. we're talking about it now. it was in the news cycle today. >> sean: what about the accommodation as it relates to the crest mandate.
9:39 pm
the president and white house said, we're done. the issue is over. first of all it's not over because there will be many legal challenges they will have to face. secondly, the idea that the president can determine its over because he declaration when it's no different what the original mandate was seems to me to be something else. >> he means over compromising. >> sean: who pays for the insurance? the religious institution. they are going to say healthcare providers are going to give it. >> from obama's perspective they believe they are standing on legal ground. i heard some of the best legal scholars. >> sean: on legal grounds mandate that a church compromise teachings. >> there was an exemption for churches for one year. >> that is not through. wait a minute. let me finish.
9:40 pm
>> let me finish so you can understand. the exemption is for the religious community. >> sean: but not catholic universities and charities. >> and hospitals that have employees that have faith and no faith. >> the mandate, it's not a done issue because he said so. the issue was still on out there. the fact he went to the levels, obama, the levels he went through to push this through, to force this on the catholic church is absolutely outrageous. that is why more and more americans are complaining about the growth of government that is going on in our country. >> people can complain about the government and i do it, as well. i don't like the government. don't push this argument of freedom of religion too far because people have a right to
9:41 pm
religion but people that work with hospitals don't have to practice your religion. >> catholic church is paying them. the government is mandating they provide something that is contrary to their conscience. >> i keep telling you exemption. with hospitals and universities. >> sean: people who have religious. >> people in their unemployment employment clergy and nuns is forcing them to get contraception. >> sean: last word. >> mandate from president obama, he is wrong with it. >> sean: i bring you back, mr. myers is "backlash."
9:42 pm
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>> sean: tonight on the great, great american panel. former deputy assistant of state. co-host of the five which the break out hit of the year, bob beck sell back. he an op-ed columnist, cal thomas, syndicated host on l.a. talk radio and joins us. thanks for being here. we've got a story about soros funded media matters. spent a lot of time attacking me you cal, maybe even you bob but not often. you've got all this money. they have literally claiming this that they write the scripts for nbc news and on top of that
9:47 pm
they have close contacts, regular meetings at the white house. so they become a propaganda machine for nbc. number one, number two, how can they be a tax exempt group if they are corroborating with the white house? >> i take another position on this. i think the reputation of the industry continues to be eroded and hurt, especially among people who are dropping out. the ratings are down on broadcast television. major newspapers are declining in circulation and advertising. credibility is stock and trade. if people can't believe that we are doing our job as journalists questioning both sides, trying to find the truth. >> sean: i declared journalism dead in 2008. they would feed it to the l.a. times, twngs "the washington post". >> that is an allegation.
9:48 pm
>> sean: they have an enemies list. >> i'm on every enemies list i know. so it's okay. >> liberalism is based on lies. unkempt promises. that is what this administration specializes in. they need their little pravda. so you combine it and you got the mouth piece. you got what they need. >> sean: we have a problem with close coordination with the white house, if they are tax except group. >> bob: i don't have any more problem with that with george bush and the white house. >> sean: it was daily and weekly basis. >> bob: that is what the caller said. i'm in an awkward position. they have let me have it for being a liberal on fox. we have had our rounds. so i've got to be careful here. >> sean: what about the enemies list.
9:49 pm
i don't consider you an enemy. you are bullheaded and you curse a lot on the air but you are good guy. >> bob: this is coming from you. it makes sense. >> what, pravda? >> writing the scripts for nbc. >> by the way, who do they prey on the weakest. so they go to the place that needs help and that is the other network. >> you talked about the tax exempt status. if you are supposed to be nonprofit and doing this stuff, advocacy, pseudojournalism. that is cause of a lawsuit by somebody. >> that cpac thing, it happens on the right as well as the left. probably more on the right than the left. >> sean: here what i don't like.
9:50 pm
they have every right to monitor conservatives. by the way, i am taped of every day on the air. i under the game. the point is they have an operation that is designed to take a word, a sentence a phrase and they want to go in and they want to silence them by attacking their advertisers and getting their voices off the air because they disagree. that more frightening. >> i don't want anybody silenced. >> bob: they asked me what you were like privately. i said sean, best of fun. >> sean: i have the best of stories about you, bob. >> best line i heard from this, good friend liberal, matt on the first amendment. answer to speech you don't like is not less speech but more speech. it's true. >> i'm on an enemies' list i would think you would want to
9:51 pm
protect me. >> i do. >> be careful where you are stepping. i have spent more time fighting with these guys that think i is unfair on their part but right wing has been grossly unfair. >> sean: i don't want to silence the voice. we have to get to the point we're going to silence voices of opposition because we don't agree with them that is problematic. >> i get letters that i be removed from newspapers. >> bob: you should see mine here. [ laughter ] >> sean: we have to take a break. more of the great, great american panel. bob has something interesting he [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
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>> sean: we continue with great american panel. samuel jackson is in ebony magazine says i voted for barack obama because he was black because they look like that. [ laughter ] >> good for him. >> sean: what do you think about the comment? >> i think it's silly. >> only white people can be racist. if there is anybody that voters
9:56 pm
looks like bob that is running for president i'll vote for the other guy. >> and i always throw it out there. if you are going to tell me that people are racist voting against a person, then talk to me about that vote specifically for someone is just as racist. >> sean: let me move. on another tragic in the entertainment field, death of whitney houston. it's the same story. she died, this case was in a bathtub and all sorts of prescribed medicine in her room. what is going on here? >> bob: what is going on the tragedy of this. you go back to jim morrison, jimi hendrix and through the list of artists, elvis. what happens is, the people around that, the family and managers, the people that make money off of them have decided
9:57 pm
interest and get them fixed. >> sean: one person cares about them enough. >> we knew for years she has been in trouble. her voice went. she should have been allowed to hit bottom is only way you are going to get there. the people they are allowed to continue to support and get her back on the stage was despicable i thought. prescription drugs are much more addictive in terms of numbers than cocaine or heroin. xanax combined with alcohol is a terrible combination. >> sean: she was taking three different sedatives. mind altering substances. >> she is taking antidepressants and drinking them with depressant of alcohol. there is such a cocktail going on in her system.
9:58 pm
in real life, celebrities have handlers and like bob said, they all have a vested interest. they are riding on their success. my wife kicked me out of the house and that got me sobriety. >> we have known entertainers when they were deep into this stuff. it's available as water. you just turn on the tap, it will be there for you. there is so much stress to get to the top, stress to stay at the top. as bob says so many handlers. >> bob: and industry that attracts doctors by the scores. >> and glorifies it and awards by bad behavior. as long as the celebrities show up and deliver their line or sing their song, the producers, they turn a blind eye.
9:59 pm
>> sean: you are saying barack obama is the best economic president since what, her better hoover -- herbert hoover? four years, trillionnn dollar deficits. at the end of the his projections, he has got another $11 trillion in debt. he won't deal with entitlements or nothing. >> bob: you know mitt --. >> sean: paul ryan in your party tried to. >> bob: if mitt romney, there would be bigger deficit than barack obama. >> paul ryan look alike throw in bob's grandmother throwing him over a cliff. >> most of them. it's demagogue b


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